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Stage Plays

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Black Roses

(Drama) Full length. Nathan Alexander suffers from schizophrenia. He has built a rich inner world to cope with his illness, but that delicate world is threatened when his estranged brother re-enters his life.

Ghost Town

(Horror/suspense) Full length. In development. The Wynn Valley Diner becomes the last bastion of refuge to town citizens and unfortunate travelers that must wait out the night from an unseen terror.

A Diary of Dying Things

(Suspense) Full length. In development. Jacqueline Belliwick is obsessed with death...most of all how to avoid it. Despite their youth and good health, she convinces her good friend Nora Fremont to join her on a dubious wellness journey lead by Dr. Lynda Holloway. 

Harvest Day

(Dark Fantasy) 10 min. It's Harvest Day and the feast has been laid. Come join the fun before the debt is repaid. Our stories we'll share with good food and cheer, but be on your guard for what draws near. Read it here.

Superstition and Espionage

(Comedy/Mystery) Full Length. The Carvalas brothers' ship has come in, or so they believe when their late employer leaves them a vast estate. However, a stipulation in the will puts the brothers in a precarious predicament, and their scheming gets them caught up in a murder, espionage, and quite possibly ghosts. Watch the Prince William Little Theatre's reading here

Close Encounters

(Comedy) 10 minutes. The residents of a small town give their eye witness accounts of strange happenings and encounters with extra terrestrials. (Winner of the Audience Choice Award i the Heller Shorts Festival 2020) Read more about it here


(Comedy/Horror) 10 minutes. The Templeton sisters have collected a wealth of memorabilia from their long career as entertainers. When the city sends a social worker to force them to clean up or have their home condemned, they decide to make a special addition to the collection. 

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